Sold some more positions: Nautilus and Cassava Sciences. So far averaging a 4.4% return from my four micro-trades to date, with which I’m quite happy. Of course my unsold positions are down or stable from where they were when I bought them — but (so far) none by a very large amount. NLS and SAVA were down until today.

So if more stocks fit that pattern, I’m in business. If not… I’ll be stuck with a large pile of slump on my hands.

Bought after-hours a healthcare stock, OMI, and another biotech stock, NVTA: beginning to feel overrepresented in that area. My next purchase, according to my “algorithm,” will probably be Duluth Holdings (apparel). Also initiated two more trades to execute at market open (4 AM) on Monday at best available price. That’s risky, but if anything seems amiss over the weekend I will cancel.

Beats having to get up that early and probably hitting the wrong button on my cell phone!

glitch account. will the real thematizer plEEEEZ stand up?